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Private Chef. Consultant. Food Enthusiast.

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Catering & Banquet Services

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Make Your Mouth Happy





  • Chef Vazquez
  • Education
  • Skills
  • Chef Carlos Vazquez, CC®

    Chef Carlos Vazquez, CC®
    Private Chef. Consultant. Food Enthusiast.

    Chef Carlos Vazquez, CC®

    It is my passion and deepest goal to provide wholesome, delicious meals to my clients while educating them how to plan and prepare a nutritious, balanced meal. Let’s bring busy families back to the table by providing helpful and entertaining services to dietary specifics and palate driven clients.

    For all your meals and catering needs, let me help you create the perfect meal for you.

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  • Education & Certifications

    Certified Culinarian


    Guilford Technical Community College – Jamestown, NC
    Major: Culinary Arts
    Date of Graduation: May 07, 2015

    Certified Culinarian (CC®) – Jamestown, NC
    American Culinary Federation (ACF®)
    Date of Exam: April 27, 2014

    Serve Safe Certified – Jamestown, NC

  • Cooking Skills


    • Certified Culinarian
    • Serve safe Certified
    • Lead Kitchen Cook
    • Upscale Fine Dining
    • Grill Master
    • Sautee Expertise
    • Pro Knife Skills
    • Catering & Banqueting
    • Cuisines: French, Spanish, Italian,
    • Asian, and Greek/Mediterranean
    • Short Order Cook
    • Food Truck Cook
    • Creative Plating
    • Customer Services
    • Hospitality Services
    • Management reports and logs
    • Organizational Development
    • Quality Assurance and Compliance
    • Impacting Food Supplies
    • Food Handling
    • Health & Safety
    • Sanitation
    • Cold Prep
    • FOH
    • BOH
    • Bi-Lingual


Delicious Food at your Fingertips!

By using only the finest and freshest ingredients and preparing them with love.

• Catering and banquet style
• Supervisory role over food preparation
• Maintenance and cleaning
• Assure quality control, and minimize waste







Gourmet Spanish Cuisine

Unlike any other private chef on the block today, Chef Carlos Vazquez, CC®’s at Los Happy Foods, has not only established himself as a premier, gourmet private chef service with innovative twist on simple, Spanish comfort food from down south but he also caters food that delivers love with design. Los Happy Foods features fresh gourmet menus daily: delicious, creative, and addictive food that will have you coming back again and again and again!


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